Announcement of Service Termination

" Honey Farmy " was end all operation on 12/11/2019.

We would like to thank all of our players who enjoyed the game, and hope to bring everyone more fun games in the future.

Good-Feel Co., Ltd.


Collect Honeywityoubees!

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One day, you receive an email from your favorite uncle.

"Hey kiddo, remember that trip I was always talking about? Well, it's finally happening! So, I want you to take care of my apiary. I asked a girl named Lily to help you out. Talk to her if you need anything. The rest is up to you!"

At your uncle's request, you head toward the mountains where the apiary lies...

Honeybee Lily RedHoneybee BlueHoneybee

Build your own apiary!

You can use the honey you collect to renovate the apiary.
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Customize your apiary!

Lots of options! Design the apiary anyway you like.
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Collect more honey
by upgrading the beehive!

You get more bees if you upgrade the beehive, and more bees means more honey.
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flower01 flower02 flower03 flower04

Collect lots of honey
from beautiful seasonal flowers.